How Legg Mason Merger Will Increase Cooperative Benefit

Mergers and acquisitions are a fact of business in the financial sector. Companies collaborate, see opportunity and merge into something entirely different all the time. Sometimes this is a weaker company with shaky financials being taken over, and sometimes it is a collaboration of opportunity that makes both companies stronger. In recent news as reported by PR newswire, EnTrust and Permal Group have been working their way through a merger agreement that is soon to be finalized. These two companies alone are powerhouses in alternative asset management. As a combined force they will become the largest alternative asset management firm. The Chairman will be Gregg Hymowitz, founder of EnTrust Capital. This merger will be a very positive move for both companies. To begin with there will be significant cost savings. These savings will be to the tune of about 35-40 million dollars a year. This merger also brings the brightest talents and a global reach to the combined company. Clients will also enjoy many perks from the two companies becoming one. To start with, they will have a wider base of instruments to choose from when investing their money. There will be more than 150 investment opportunities using more than 18 varying strategies. The merger will bring about the merging of two companies worth of employees. This will give every client the ability to have a global reach and get more out of their money. The collaboration of employees will also mean that service can be more intensely customized. This will allow for products and services to evolve quicker to meet client needs. This merger is seen as an...

NY Real Estate Investment Pays Off

The on-line investment portal Cadre has recently succeeded in raising an additional 50 million dollars in its second funding round. Its first round funding netted it over 18 million making the total amount of money raised at over 68 million dollars. With this amount, Cadre, along with its impressive resume of partners, has positioned itself as the go-to real estate investment vehicle for institutions, endowments, and high net worth individuals. Launched by Jared and Joshua Kushner, this vehicle’s main goal is to allow institutional investors and other qualified parties to put their money into specific real estate deals rather than to limit their choice only to group funds or real estate investment trusts. The reason for this is that these grouped investments just won’t allow the kinds of high returns available with specific individual real estate deals. Who are the principals that started and now run Cadre and what are their backgrounds? The Kushner brothers, Jared and Josh, are leaders in the fields of technology and real estate investing. Jared Kushner is the principal owner of Kushner Properties, a real estate holding and development company while Josh Kushner is the creator and Managing Partner of the investment firm Thrive Capital. He is also the co-developer of Oscar Insurance a new technology grounded insurance company based in New York. The two brothers together with their colleague Ryan Williams have now created and are principally behind the funding of real estate investment platform Cadre. Its acting CEO, Ryan Williams has a background in real estate private equity with the Blackstone Group and also with Goldman Sachs. At Goldman, he worked in...

New York’s Polystyrene Problem

Recently Judge Margaret Chan overturned the New York foam ban that restricted he use of foam containers, stating they could be recycled in a cost effective way.

Dart Container Corporation Wins Its Suit against New York City

Dart Container Corporation Wins Its Suit against New York City

Dart Container Corporation recently won its claim against the New York foam ban. Dart is one of the largest producers of expanded polystyrene in the world, and the city of New York banned the use of the products because they could not be recycled. Dart took swift action in the case by offering concessions to the city, but a more direct approach was required. A win in this case changes the way Dart and New York City will work together on recycling initiatives. #1: New York City Could Not Recycle Expanded Polystyrene New York City has been trying to keep itself clean since Rudy Giuliani became mayor in the 90s, and their efforts to recycle as much trash as possible came to a halt over expanded polystyrene. The city did not believe that expanded polystyrene could be recycled properly, and a citywide ban on the product was instituted in 2013. Dart took action by offering to help the city to no avail. #2: Dart Offers to Pay Startup Costs Dart Container immediately offered to pay for the startup costs of a new recycling system that would filter out expanded polystyrene and plastics. The city would not have paid a dime for the service, and everyone would have won. The city did not accept Dart’s offer, and the ban still went into effect. Dart Container was forced to file suit to stop the ban. #3: The Legal Fight The Sanitation Commissioner of New York City determined that the city could not feasibly recycle these foam products, and several other companies joined Dart in the fight to lift the ban. A...

Money Managers Starting New Firms

Access to finance is a fundamental ingredient to beginning, and running a firm. As the NGOs champion for entrepreneurship, access to funds remains a critical factor in these efforts. Issues of finance are essential to economic growth. It explains why it is easy for people with money to succeed in business. They begin early, and get experience from a tender age. Recent media reports have indicated that fund managers in large organizations are quitting. It is common knowledge that they are now starting their businesses. Clients have a personal touch to an individual that does the work. It is because money either creates confidence or disappointment. Therefore, real money managers have the opportunity to bond with the clients. The clients trust them, and they work closely. Managing the funds of others given one the chance to understand all the potential sources of funds to set up a business. Successful fund management companies hire extremely sharp students direct from college. The students have everything except money and experience. Getting employment for them is a chance to learn on the job and get experience as time passes. They are also well compensated for their services. It is a potential source of finances to start a new company. When time elapses, the employee either individually or as a group decide to quit. Starting a new company is not an easy task. It needs dedication and believes in what one is doing. Therefore, intellectually upright students who have developed through the system have it easy to get out, and start off. After a few years in the company, they finally have the experience,...

An Energy Star Leader

Even with energy prices dropping, and the economy in a recovery, it still makes bottom-line sense to focus on energy savings. Companies like Dallas-based Cenergistic can help your organization cut their energy bills with a number of techniques.

How to Make the Right Decisions in the Business World

When David Leuschen ( came to Dartmouth to talk about his life in the business world, he offered sage advice. The pointers below highlight how Mr. Leuschen believes people can get ahead in the business world, and keeping to each axiom is helpful for the budding businessperson. Show Up Mr. Leuschen says that 90% of life is showing up. If people just go to the next meeting, that next conference or one more informational talk, they will be able to learn what they need to know. People can make connection in these settings, and they can change their life without wondering when their next big break will come because they have been showing up. Take Risks There is nothing wrong with staying in the lines, but people cannot stay in the lines for the rest of their lives. It is wise to take informed risks when they will benefit the business. A business that takes carefully considered risks will perform better than a business that has never strayed outside the lines. Buildup Mr. Leuschen noted that the majority of companies he has bought out were not completely bought out. The old school idea of breaking companies into pieces like Gordon Gekko is lost on today’s world. A business can perform much better if it is willing to build up the businesses it buys. Each business that is built up will become a profitable venture, and the fund performs better overall. Commit Your Own Money When people are putting money into ventures, they need to make sure they are using their own money. People who use loans for their investments...

Tips for Business Success

Individuals interested in becoming successful pay thousands of dollars for seminars and classes that teach tips for business success. The cost of these classes reflect how important it is to be in the company of men like David Leuschen, CEO of Riverstone Holdings. He has established a leading company by building up not buying out, and adjusting along the way. Increasing company resources with every new opportunity is only one of his special abilities.