Why your business should be networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the largest social media networks around, accumulating 200 million members since it launched in 2003. The members are a mix of business professionals and business owners, networking through various means. For businesses, it is an excellent way to network with other businesses, as well as connecting with potential employees and new hires. As a self-promotional tool, it is a low cost way for businesses to share their experience and gain momentum.

Utilize Groups

The first area of networking for businesses on LinkedIn is by using the Groups. There are thousands of groups to choose from, each tailored to a different niche, category or interest. Businesses often find and join groups that are related to the products or services they provide. From accounting to retail groups, there is a little bit of everything. Networking through groups includes answering questions within the group, connecting with like-minded individuals, and gaining valuable insight from other members.

The Answers Section

Another way to network on LinkedIn is through the Answers section. This is where businesses or professionals ask questions to the millions of members on LinkedIn. Business owners can find questions they know the answer to in order to use their expertise for helping others. It helps them get noticed and build credibility on the site.


One of the most efficient ways for business owners to network on LinkedIn is by improving their profile. The profile includes information about the business and niche, connections for networking, and specific information about location, products and services, employees, and clients. It is important to keep the profile updated as information changes. LinkedIn looks for profiles with 50 or more connections, so the more the better.

Hiring Through LinkedIn

Networking is also done with potential employees and job seekers on LinkedIn. It is a valuable resource for finding new talent. In some cases, job seekers find the business owner’s profile, while in other cases, it works the other way around. Just about every section of the social networking site has ways to find professionals to fit open positions.

When networking on LinkedIn, focusing on relevance is vital. Joining groups and promoting a business has the highest rate of success when it is in a group related to the type of business. To find appropriate business contacts, you can conduct searches that will result in directories, like this public profile page for Andrew Farkas. Make sure to utilize such searches to connect with business professionals and influencers in your industry.