Why the U.S.-China relationship must improve

Even though China’s current president, Xi Jinping’s trip to Florida has helped ease the tension between the U.S. and China, it is still quite early to say that the relationship between the two nations is streamlined. On the one side, the United States is already a well-established superpower while on the other hand, China is rapidly growing and increasing its influence not only on the Asia-pacific region but the rest of the world as well. As a result, both powers are becoming increasingly suspicious of each other, as the U.S. perceives China’s rapid growth as its strategy to steal the leverage it has on the Asia-pacific region while China is wary that the U.S. wants to block its growth in fear of losing its status quo in matters trade and politics. This has resulted in a distrust that tends to increase with each wake. Nevertheless, it is important to note that even though it might not seem like it, the U.S.-China relationship dramatically defines the coming future for the rest of the world and in respect to that, must improve. Below is a detailed explanation as to why the U.S.-China relationship must improve—a view shared by supportive organizations like CUSEF.

Commercial engagement

One of the top reasons why the U.S.-China relationship must improve is due to the commercial engagement between the two nations. China lacks arable land thanks to its massive population making it impossible to invest in areas such as the mining of gas and oil and agriculture yet these are things it can’t do without.

On the other hand, the U.S. has oil, gas and agricultural products in abundance, a factor that makes China the ideal market thanks to its massive population. What does this mean? China needs the United States to provide must have agriculture, oil and gas products while the U.S. relies on China for the sale of its products.

According to statistics, ever since China and the U.S. began trading, the Chinese market for U.S. products has been expanding with each wake, making it number three among U.S.’s trading partners. In respect to that, both countries can’t do without each other as China contributes a lot to the U.S.’s gross income while China relies on products from the U.S..

Additionally, China also relies on the U.S. for the same purpose. Each year, it exports electronic appliances, furniture and bedding, toys and sports equipment, footwear, and even machinery products worth billions to the United States. Fostering good relations between the two nations means that this trade will continue without any disruptions, benefitting both countries in equal measure as they get to attain economic stability.

China creates job opportunities for the average U.S. citizen

As mentioned earlier, China is among the top three U.S.’s trading partners. Thanks to this, as the demand for U.S. products rises in China, more job opportunities are created for the average citizens in America, as investors continue to set up more businesses to support the skyrocketing demand. According to statistics from a survey carried out in 2015, the exports of goods and services to China created approximately 911000 job opportunities thus helping more than one million people improve their living standards.

Guidance towards a free enterprise democracy

Once upon a time, China was a communist nation, a factor that made it hard for it to grow. However, this changed once the country began commercial engagements with the U.S. and other western countries. The influence of the west helped loosen the unbending communist beliefs thereby helping strengthen the country’s economy. Nevertheless, China is yet to let go of her human rights values and still abuses the rights and freedoms of humanity in many ways, and the only way to ensure that its citizens get to enjoy the rights and privileges that citizens in the United States enjoy is if the relationship between them is improved. In other words, China relies on the U.S. to nurture and steer her towards a free enterprise democracy which is why the China-U.S. relationship must be improved.

China is focused on stability

One of China’s goals is to attain internal political balance. The only way it can achieve this is by ensuring economic growth, and as shown earlier, the U.S. is one of the major markets for its products. Thus it relies on the U.S. for economic growth which will, in turn, spur political stability.

Solve global challenges

Both nations are currently superpowers. The U.S. boasts political influence globally, and so does China. That means, if the two countries are feuding then it will be impossible to solve the existing and also rising global challenges. By having a functional relationship, it will be possible for the two superpowers to sit down with other world leaders and come up with solutions for the challenges facing the world.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, there are a myriad other reasons why the China-U.S. relationship must improve. They rely on each other in so many ways as they boast imperative interests with one another.