U.S. and China Relations: A look at the Future

The Republic of China and the United States are the greatest countries in the world according to CUSEF. They have the most patriotic citizens. In the near future, the two nations are expected to be very great cooperative partners. Arguing from China’s side, the Asian giant is on a path and their only wish is to overtake the United States so that they can be global leaders. There are other elements in China, whose aim is to develop a robust nation that has several regional leadership responsibilities. Other elements are yearning for the country to maintain a peaceful cooperative focus.

Viewing the whole narrative from the United States side, there are elements who wish to engage China. They want to see the Asian economic giant become a partner of the world stage. Another group is interested to see China take up a global responsibility but in moderation. However, there is also another section of the United States that want the Republic of China to be permanently contained.

With all these wrangles, there isn’t a clear picture of what the future holds for the two economic giants. A lot of stuff relies on the social, economic and military advancements in each of the nations. Also, the development of Asia as a whole is a great determinant. With President Xi Jinping in power, the Republic of China is aggressive and possess more confidence in the way they approach things. A good example is how Beijing flexed their muscles to show power in the South China Sea.

Additionally, China is making vast steps in a show of their great confidence. Apart from displaying that transpired at the South China Sea, they also set up the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, which acts as an alternative to the ADB and World Bank. China also set up a brand new Silk Road Initiative that will connect China to Europe and Central China by land.

The United States of America wants to fully engage China in universal institutions. However, the superpower doesn’t want their power and soft parts to be eroded by the Asian nation. At the moment, the United States will continue to be the global superpower. It’s not an easy task for two nations to share the global stage. The US wants it to be their own.

Most people wish that the two nations can just be cooperative competitors. They wish that they can have healthy relations where they both embrace a win-win situation. Both countries will however, focus on their national interests.

Both nations should embrace the strengths and weaknesses of the other. This way they will fully understand the price of being close friends. They stand to accomplish more significant deals when they are partners instead of being opponents.