Top 5 Organizations Working to Strengthen U.S.-China Relations

When it comes to the United States and China, the world is better off when the two countries are working together. There are always going to be stresses and strains between two cultures that are so different. That’s why there are some organizations out there that are working towards one goal. That goal is making sure that the relationship between the United States and China only gets better. They want to make sure that it only gets stronger. There are some organizations working towards this goal, but there are some that are having more success than others. Check out the organizations that are at the top of the list when talking about making those bonds between the two countries that much better.

The American Councils
The American Councils and CUSEF understand that there is a real need for people to get educated in a culture to have a friendly relationship with it. This is why the organization will allow people to study abroad in China to see what the culture holds. Then they can bring it back to the US.

One World Now
This is a program focusing explicitly on High school students in Seattle, Washington. The organization also believes education is the key, so it sends underserved students to China on their kind of study abroad programs.

The Thurgood Marshall Fund
This is an organization that focuses on making sure that predominately black colleges can compete in the global market. The organization allows for students at these schools to travel abroad and learn Mandarin. If you see a bit of a pattern when it comes to the best way to improve the relationship between China and the United States, you aren’t the only one.

The China Institute
This is an organization that specifically makes sure there are people from China coming to the United States and the United States going to China. This allows people from both cultures to see where the other country is going as far as what they are doing in their culture and their education.

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
In the mold of the other organizations on this list, HACU is looking to make sure Latino members of the community are starting to understand just what China has to offer. Study abroad programs are on offer here as well. Those programs are geared towards Latino students over all others.