The U.S. and China: Necessary Allies

One of the most important international relationships is that between the United States and China. In a world that seems to be both rapidly growing and shrinking at the same time, these two superpowers represent a kind of balance that the world can’t afford to lose view echoed by the China-United States Exchange Foundation. While it seems like some of those inside the Beltway might want to position the two powers as enemies, the truth is that the two are necessary allies. In a post-Cold War world, it’s been proven time and time again that cooperation is in the best interest of everyone. Nowhere, it seems, is this truer than with the United States and China.

If you simply look at economics, you can see why the United States and China need to be on the same page. China has a rapidly growing population with incredible potential, both in terms of emerging markets and manufacturing capacity. The United States has an incredible consumer market and some of the most innovative companies in the world. When the two companies work together, they help to make one another stronger – China gets capital investments and access to new innovations, while the United States gets access to manufacturing facilities and new markets.

Politically, the two countries also help to provide a great deal of stability to the rest of the world. If the United States and China are on the same page, it’s rather hard for any other nation to upset the overall balance of world peace. Being able to trust and operate with one another helps both countries to put diplomatic pressure on countries that might cause trouble for others while helping each major power to build relationships with countries that are outside of their own sphere of influence. When the United States and China work together, the world is a safe and friendlier place.

If you remove the political bluster and Red Scare-era fears from the equation, it’s easier to see the United States and China as two countries who need one another. Whether you’re looking at economics or international security, these are the two nations that have the most to offer one another and the most to offer the rest of the world. When China and the US manage to get on the same page, the rest of the world can breathe a sigh of relief – and citizens of both countries are able to reap the benefits of a more peaceful world.Taking the U.S. and China from Competition to Cooperation