The Exciting World of the Equestrian Competition

The competition at the Equestrian Center in Palm Beach this past Saturday was quite the excitement. 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Ben Maher for the title of the FEI World Grand Cup Prix. The winnings were in the amount of $372,00.00. He and his 10-year-old mare had a victory of being known as the fastest jumper in the competition as well. They won the CSI World 5 Cup.

The other riders gave him so good competitive competition but only three of the forty- one involved in the competition survived the jump offs. Ben’s impressive time was 46.03, Meredith Michael Beerbaum a rider from Germany and Fibonacci who is 17 had a bit of trouble almost falling which made it more difficult for the other two riders to get around but still came out with a finishing point of 46.31.

Laura Kraut with her with her companion Cedric who is also 17 could not get a clear visual of the vertical causing her to have four mishaps but still coming in third at a finishing point of 46.76.

There were several other winners as well. Tori Colvin won the EnTrust Capital Small Junior Hunter 16- class. She is a very impressive young rider with great potential.

A few other riders with some good times were Kent Farrington and Willow who ended up taking off with $85,000 on Sunday and had the fastest jump time of 34.87 seconds and Lauren Hough and Adare were a close second in line for fastest jump with the time of 35.21.

Lauren Chapot was able to carry out with the top three places in the Spy Coast Farm 1.40 Speed Challenge. She had the pleasure of riding Bradberry for the win, Zealous was her second choice and Umberto was the last choice.

The 12 week WEF circuit will running through the 29th of March every Wednesday through Sunday. The prizes accumulate to over 8.2 million dollars. It will be interesting to see how the competition plays between our riders and to see if they have improved to beat the times they had before to go for an ever bigger prize at the end.