Sustainable Energy Sources Require Capital Funding

For the world to go from its current state of energy production to one powered by environmentally-friendly, sustainable sources of energy will require a huge amount of material change.

Almost all automobiles on the road have internal combustion engines requiring gasoline. Electrical wires don’t care whether the electricity they carry was generated by a nuclear or coal-burning power plant, but it will require a lot of adjustments to hook them up to wind power. Installing solar panels in every house and commercial building will requiring huge amounts of equipment, time and labor.

And right now, we do not have the scientific and technological knowledge to complete such a transition. It’s happening gradually, but problems occur along the way, as when federal mandates on gas and fuel raised the price of food.

Therefore, the forward momentum of this massive change is being driven by capital investment.

Some places where investors can put their funds include:

  • TAN, the Exchange Traded Fund from Guggenheim that invests in all the solar power manufacturing companies in the MAC Global Solar Energy Index
  • PBW, the WilderHill Clean Energy Fund from Powershares that puts all money in the companies in the Wilderhill Clean Energy Index
  • MidAmerican Energy sells bonds to finance the Topaz Solar Farm in California.
  • GE, General Electric. Its subsidiary GE Wind is the largest manufacturer in the U.S. of wind turbines.
  • GM, General Motors. They are moving into the electric car business, beginning with the Chevy Volt.
  • SI, Siemens. This is a German company investing in developing wind and solar power.
  • ALTEX, the Firsthand Alternative Energy mutual fund
  • NALFX, New Alternatives mutual fund
  • GAAEX, Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy mutual fund

Riverstone Energy Limited (RSE) is one of those investment companies financing the global energy sector. It’s been listed on the London Stock Exchange since October 2013. It’s a limited liability and closed-end fund seeking long-term price appreciation. It focuses on global exploration, the production of new sources of energy and mid-stream infrastructure. The middle part of the energy process refers to transportation. The beginning is the oil well or coal mine.

The final part comes when energy is filling a car with gas at the pump or flicking on a light, where the energy is consumed by the end user. Its portfolio includes Canadian International Oil, CanEra, Castex Energy, Fieldwood Energy, Meritage Midstream Services III, Origo Exploration, Eagle Energy Exploration, Liberty Resources II and Rock Oil Holdings.