Successful Siblings

Kevin and Scott Plank Transform Athlete Wear and Community Building

Scott and Kevin Plank are brothers who have used their passions to forge a path of success. Whether it’s making life easier for athletes or building communities, these brothers are making an impact. Kevin Plank is well known for his innovative moisture wicking clothing line, Under Armour. Scott Plank (, the elder of the two is the founder of War Horse Cities, a real estate company that focuses on community.

Building a company with perseverance
Kevin who built Under Armour from the ground up, faced the financial and logistical challenges that often stop entrepreneurs from success. From running his office out of his Grandmother’s home, to having the NFL as a client, Kevin built his company with perseverance. As Under Armour experiences more success, Kevin has seen the importance of using the company as leverage for doing good within the community. This is a desire both Kevin and Scott share, seeing business as a way to provide positive impact on communities.

When brothers join forces
Scott joined forces with Kevin in 2000. He worked in a number of roles including, chief administrative officer, retail head, and vice president of finance.

With a background in Urban Planning from the University of Maryland, Scott has been working to bring innovation and sustainable solutions to real estate planning since 1995. While working at Under Armour, Scott began to gain a vision of the vital impact a work space has on a company.

The experience and responsibilities of that time would begin to shape his vision for the company he founded in 2010. Scott Plank has since left Under Armour and today works with passion and devotion to provide lasting impact on communities.

More than a real estate company
War Horse Cities isn’t just a real estate company. It’s a real estate company with a vision to be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. It seeks to build strong communities that will in turn drive economic growth.

Whether working on projects that impact teacher wellness, access to the arts, education, and even ocean conservation, the focus is always on moving the community forward. Scott has founded a company that works as a catalyst, coming alongside communities to facilitate what they need to thrive.

Successful brothers
Both Scott and Kevin have experienced success as a result of hard work and passion. The desire to impact the community for good is the heartbeat of their respective companies and continues to drive their goal to continue meeting a high standard.