Rising Tide Interactive Profile

Rising Tide Interactive founded by Jim Walsh in the year 2010, is an online marketing and advertising company. The company focuses on email marketing, media-based advertising, and public affairs-related communication targeted for the mass market. When it comes to marketing, the company uses both multimedia and written content to help spread the word to targeted markets.

Customer and market-specific marketing

The company, with headquarters in Washington DC, has focused on the provision of full-service digital marketing while working with its clients to create and utilize data-based marketing initiatives that can achieve intended results. In this regard, the company works with individual companies and customers to come up with the right marketing initiative that would best achieve remarkable results.

Corporate marketing strategies

Rising Tide Interactive has committed itself fully in the marketing industry and has utilized various online marketing initiatives and tools within its disposal to achieve creative persuasion as well as action-based goals such as fundraising and creating awareness through online platforms. Since its formation, Rising Tide Interactive has managed to achieve significant growth regarding market penetration and customer service. It has therefore managed to expand its customer base which now ranges from ordinary persons to political heavyweights in the country including presidential contestants as well as working for the US military. To ensure accurate penetration in market mobilization initiatives, Rising Tide Interactive has utilized highly accurate grassroots-penetrating channels that help reach out to virtually every potential intended recipient of particular interest to clients.

Previous awards and successes

The company’s initiatives in penetrating the market have been particularly paying off in the recent past, mainly due to its successful investments in cutting-edge online marketing initiatives. As far as awards are concerned, Rising Tide Interactive has earned numerous national awards in the United States. The most recent of these was in the 2017 Reed Awards when the company won both Gold and Silver in the American Association of Political Consultant’s (AAPC) Annual Pollie Awards. These awards were in recognition of the company’s successful online campaign for candidates in the 2016 general elections. In the same awards, Rising Tide Interactive also won the Best Use of Display Advertising for Independent Expenditure Campaign in recognition of marketing campaign initiatives that it mounted within the country.

In general, the company has also partnered successfully with senatorial and gubernatorial candidates leading to 9 Democratic governors and 10 Democratic senators whose victory in the election was because of successfully mounted online campaigns.