Richard Spooner Crowdfunds to Buy Next Grand Prix Champion

Richard Spooner Crowdfunds to Buy Next Grand Prix Champion

Champion show jumper, Richard Spooner is taking an unusual approach to obtaining his newest steed.

The equestrian icon is known for being only the 10th equestrian to make more than 1 million dollars in equestrian competitions. Spooner has been consistently winning titles since about 1988. In addition, he’s ridden roughly 20 different Grand Prix horses. His great success in the equestrian world has earned him the title, “Master of Faster,” but, strangely, this time around, this “Master,” is turning to the public to find his next top horse.

Spooner has announced that his hopes for this new horse are that it will quickly be able to compete at the Grand Prix level or show jumping. Although he hasn’t stated which particular horse he hopes to purchase, he has stated that he has prospects for said horse and has yet to make up his mind.

Although crowdfunding has surged in popularity over the past several years, to some people it still remains somewhat of a mystery. Crowdfunding is a practice that many have found successful in recent years. The idea is that while many people have excellent ideas that they’d like to put into action, they can’t always be enacted, due to lack of monetary funds. Additionally, there are many people out there who would like to contribute to interesting projects, but aren’t sure where to start.

Enter crowdfunding. Crowdfunding takes place on a variety of online websites. The websites provide a place for people and organizations with big ideas to post descriptions of their products, and often even samples along with information about how much money is required to complete their projects. Potential fund contributors can then browse through these projects and choose those they feel are the most worthy to contribute to. Many popular projects have been completed using this type of fundraising.

Spooner has posted his project on a crowdfunding website called RocketHub. Richard and wife, Kayleen personally posted the project. They estimated that the new horse will require $500,000. As of February 11th, they have raised nearly $7,000. According to their project page, they have 61 people thus far who have contributed to their fund. With only 70 days remaining for the fundraising project, the questions remains as to whether or not the championship rider will find RocketHub enough to buy this coveted new horse.