Resources for companies looking to hire people with disabilities

Resources for companies looking to hire people with disabilities

Hiring the disabled has its benefits which includes a social, mental and developmental success for them and lower costs, tax credit and improved productivity for a business. Knowing how to get started in hiring the disabled helps a business find the perfect fit. The following organizations are reliable resources for companies looking to hire people with disabilities.

Organizations like the nonprofit SourceAmerica helps connect corporations and federal agencies with nonprofits across the nation that can meet their employment requirements. They are also a grassroots advocacy program that follows legislative and regulatory changes and how it will affect people with disabilities.

SourceAmerica has helped connect the disabled and businesses together in the following employment areas: administrative services, aircraft industry, electrical equipment/supplies, textile, equipment industry, IT services, food processing/services, packaging/distribution, laundry, medical, dental, office supplies, supply chain/warehouse services, facilities management and more.

The Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (“EARN”) is a nationwide service organization that educates employers about strategies they need to recruit, hire, retain and train people with disabilities. EARN carries a compilation list of job posting websites for companies seeking to work with the disabled. EARN features an inclusive website providing employer-focused tools, downloadable resources and publications on employer-disability connections. They provide free online training webinars, a social media presence and up-to-date disability employment news and information.

DisabledPerson, Inc.
DisabledPerson, Inc., is a website that features a comprehensive job board for people with disabilities who are looking for employment opportunities. On this site, companies can post jobs looking to hire disabled persons. DisabledPerson works with disability organizations and state rehabilitation departments from across the U.S. Employers can navigate this job website via category, cities and states. DisabledPerson also features a disability forum where a community of employers can exchange information on disability information.

GettingHired is an online organization that provides employers with solutions to attract, recruit, hire and retain disabled persons who meet their employment goals and who comply with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs regulations. Disabled job seekers can easily access this career portal to connect with many non-profit advocacy organizations and employers. In addition to non-profits, GettingHired works with community partners who places employers in touch with educational institutions, advocacy groups and service providers to offer employment opportunities for the disabled.