Productions by Philippe Karl

Philippe Karl is one of the most outspoken critics of the modern dressage world. Through his various publications, he explores key problems of modern dressage: physical aspects, straightness, balance, exercises. He has also been one to describes the effects of modern dressage, breeding and business while comparing philosophies.

With his various publications and productions, Philippe shares his extensive knowledge of the horse along with his hyper critical view of today’s training techniques.


  • “Emploi des longues rênes” (“Long reining”) (written in French and German)
    • France: École Nationale d´Équitation
    • Germany: Vollberg Verlag
  • “Classical Dressage”: Légèreté – The Philosophy of Ease
    • Four DVDs produced by TV Produktion, Thomas Vogel, Germany


  •  “Long Reining”
    • France: Éditions Belin
    • Germany: BLV Verlag, Munich
    • USA: Trafalgar Square Publishing
  • “Une certaine idée du dressage” Odin à Saumur (written in French, German and Italian)
    • France: Éditions Crépin-Leblond
    • Germany: BLV Verlag, Munich
    • Italy: Équilibri di TSB, Rome
  • “Dérives du dressage moderne, Recherche d´une alternative classique”
    • Germany: Cadmos Verlag
    • France: Éditions Belin