Two Global Energy Giants Coming Together For New Venture

There are plans and talks underway that could unite two oil and energy giants that are looking to join forces in a new global energy venture according to a recent article on the website. Miguel Galuccio, an oil executive and CEO with over twenty five years’ experience around the word and the largest energy private equity firm in the world, Riverside Holdings Ltd., under the leadership of founders David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre, are the two powerhouses said to be in private talks.

The Hotels That Will Provide You The Most Out Of Your Stay In Camana Bay

Camana Bay is a festive and lively water-front town in Grand Cayman, where visitors can shop, engage in fun activities and dine at some of the finest restaurants. Situated in the heart of the Seven Mile Beach and near upscale hotels and resorts, Camana Bay is also known as the premier shopping center of the Grand Cayman. Besides the duty-free designer boutiques and shops, this town offers a variety of cafes and eateries to satisfy every craving from local and international cuisines, including Caribbean-inspired dishes, seafood, Asian, Italian, and casual eateries. In the evening the town’s vibrant nightlife continues as visitors and locals head to the lively bars, restaurants, and movie theaters. This island is such a well-known destination for food lovers that people from all over the globe travel to this island to enjoy the annual Food & Drink Festival hosted by Camana Bay. Camana Bay has something for everyone, from relaxing on the white sandy beaches, exploring the town, sightseeing, or enjoying the diverse cuisines. The easy access footpath to Camana Bay from the Seven Mile Beach makes it effortless to walk to hotels, beaches, restaurants, and numerous activities. Activities For visitors looking for thrilling adventures, the Seven Mile Beach has a variety of fun things to do. The Seven Mile Beach is located on the west shore of the Grand Cayman and minutes away from Camana Bay. Travelers from all over the world are lured in by the pristine turquoise waters to enjoy all the activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with friendly stingrays, jet skiing and so much more. Hotels & Resorts Almost every...
Resources for companies looking to hire people with disabilities

Resources for companies looking to hire people with disabilities

SourceAmerica has helped connect the disabled and businesses together in the following employment areas: administrative services, aircraft industry, electrical equipment/supplies, textile, equipment industry, IT services, food processing/services, packaging/distribution, laundry, medical, dental, office supplies, supply chain/warehouse services, facilities management and more.

C-III Under New Management

Since July 7th 2017, the new president of C-III Asset Management has been Barry Davis. Davis joined C-III in 2010 after the addition of Centerline’s servicing business. Davis took the position as chief operating officer position in 2011. Davis along with Lindsey Wright and Jenna Unell make up the new face of C-III’s executive management team. Wright has joined the management team as senior managing director and Unell has joined as general counsel. The firm is run under the leadership of Andrew Farkas, who serves as Chairman and CEO.

Clarion’s New Alliances and Departures

LM will soon create a mutual asset investment by turning its very own Permal Group subsidiary and EnTrust Capital (under Gregg Hymowitz) into one collective asset. This will increase its hedge funds accounts considerably into a $26 billion business. The company will also be able to garnish a growing trend of up to 83% through the increase in value and shares available to Legg Mason through its Clarion partnership. This will cause LM to gradually generate funds up into the billions in profit, because of its ownership of the $585 million stake it owns in Clarion, which is already a $40 billion market in real estate and investment properties. According to Marron Clarion’s involvement in his own company was a necessary component to their real estate market.

Goldman’s Energy Rich Riverside Dealings

With both Riverstone and Goldman Sachs based in New York, the deal is said to reunite the old Goldman energy team with Riverstone’s founders. Before they founded Riverstone, David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre Jr. were advising energy investment deals for the New York based investment company.

How to Generate Passive Income from Real Estate During Retirement

When it comes to retirement, it’s important for people to generate as much income as possible to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Along with Social Security and pension plans, many seniors are turning to real estate investing as a way to generate additional income. Rather than rely on stocks and bonds in an increasingly volatile financial market to build a nest egg, smart investors have turned to purchasing rental properties in an effort to gain passive income. However, before jumping into this venture, there are many factors to take into consideration. “Building a rental property portfolio takes time, patience and education,” according to Than Merrill, a San Diego based real estate investor and educator…

Taking Retail Shopping into the Digital Age

Commercial real estate companies, like the Westfield, Corporation, are starting accelerators to help tap into retail digital trends. Westfield Labs, a subsidiary of the retail mall giant is innovating in various ways via their recently created Accelerator Connected Commerce. Peter Lowy, the co-CEO of Westfield stated, “We actually look at it as an opportunity. Every threat is an opportunity at the same time, and we are committed to creating a digital platform for our customers to be able to access both our assets and our retailers for their mobile devices.”