National Institute for the Blind

The NIB and AbilityOne Reshaping Obstacles
The AbilityOne Program is one of the greatest resources available to those who are either blind or living with some other significant disability which can naturally make it difficult for them to find work through the other more traditional means of procurement. Ever since the formation of the great organization back in 1938, their collaboration with the NIB (National Institute for the Blind) has meant that more and more United States Citizens have been able to become self-sufficient and provide for families. Currently, as of 2017, there are over 46,000 with rewarding jobs that they received through the program, and many of these people are working with the Department of Defense to make a positive impact on their surrounding world.

The passage of the Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act means that the U.S. AbilityOne Commission has to designate certain nonprofit organizations as CNAs (central nonprofit organizations), and those who receive that merit are then tasked with helping to organize and deliver the government’s orders of Procurement List services and products. The National Institute for the Blind and SourceAmerica have been the chosen elite because of their quality work and the ability to meet these needs and best service the blind in this regard. They work closely to determine which government personnel products and services are best suited for provision by local agencies by visiting sites.

An example of some of these upper echelon programs that have been tailored to those blind and with disabilities is the U.S. Army Battle Dress Uniform manufacturing contract as well as the Environmental Protection Agency‘s call center service contract which helps to provide consumers with the necessary information regarding any questions they may have about lead and its harmful effects. NIB is always looking to further advance their association with helpful agencies that help with everything from childhood intervention, adult literacy, or low vision examinations and aids. Other agencies that they cooperate with might help with advancing literacy in Braille, nutritional services, physical therapy, and so much more. Overall, more than 550 of these agencies work with the AbilityOne program to do just that.

No longer does blindness or similar struggles have to be a hurdle that seems impossible to overcome. Those who are willing and motivated can easily work with AbilityOne and the NIB to find their place in today’s fast-paced industries. It is always great to see people being able to help each other while at the same time being able to procure meaningful employment.