Key NYC Real Estate Dealings Give Farkas Empire Great Presence in New York

Farkas empire is a new real estate conglomerate that includes a world famous commercial realty company and renowned subsidiaries such as NAI Global, and a well-established EVO Real Estate Company in New York. In addition, the empire has 165 companies in 204 cities globally. In the last Annual General Meeting, the stakeholders making EVO the headquarters of the New York based empire was a unanimous decision.

The CEO, Andrew Farkas, collaborated with C-III Capital and Partners to spearhead the acquisition of NAI at the end of 2012. The main role of NAI is to provide personalized brokerage services to a vast array of clients from all parts of the globe. NAI has been instrumental in the provision of such services and its efforts have been a key contributor to the growth of this company.

However, meeting the needs of the ever-expanding New York clientele has been a daunting task. As a result, the CEO decided to consolidate this group of companies into a single conglomerate without losing its global standards. New York presents one of the most lucrative opportunities in the global real estate arena and any firm that meets the needs of this demanding clientele will not only gain the iconic status, but will also shape the future of the global real estate economy.

While other companies are looking to strengthen their constituent subsidiaries and networks, Andrew Farkas has taken on a new approach. He believes that by consolidating the different cogs into a single wheel, the conglomerate will achieve more as a whole without compromising the efforts of a single subsidiary. For example, with the help of EVO, the company manages over 3.4 million square feet of rental properties, predominantly in New York. The company continues to satisfy the needs of clients from all walks of life and in retrospect, the revenue continues to grow at an alarming rate. Surprisingly, the empire surpassed the of $1 billion mark in 2014 in terms of total revenue.

As you can see, the deal between NAI Global and EVO will enable Farkas to develop and stretch its hinterland to lots of other cities of the world with the help of collaboration, teamwork and sharing of information from one office to another. A client who has different properties in various parts of the world can get real time information from a single office without having to visit every branch.