Imran Madden Expresses His Beliefs on Islamic Relief at Bond Conference

Imran Madden, the Director of Islamic Relief for the United Kingdom, spoke during the Bond Conference session of his concern for the principles of humanity and operating in the United Kingdom as a Muslim NGO. He believes improvement is necessary for the integration of development and humanitarian activities. He feels six years of displacement and war lives can be saved with shelter and food. Additionally, he sees the need for activities including livelihoods and education. He states donations tend to the immediate issues but rehabilitation for the future is required too.

The community groups Islamic Relief helped establish ten years ago in Pakistan are improving services through negotiations with the local government. He believes the organizations humanitarianism and faith motivates supporters. During Ramadan the Muslims in the United Kingdom made charitable donations of 100 million pounds. Imran Madden believes key issues including violence based on gender and climate change need support. They are working with Muslim scholars in the development of resources to promote positive changes in behavior and mobilize the campaigners.

Imran Madden wants intense scrutiny, more resources and time to ensure the humanitarian work is legitimate. He feels there are people in the current climate assuming ulterior motives. He states Islamic Relief welcomes commitments from NGO’s and donors that are clear, will enhance engagement, improve transparency and increase coordination in the sector of humanity. Islamic Relief’s international programs are promoting improvements, learning and research. They have worked in many countries including Bangladesh and Pakistan to promote the building and development of the local communities. Islamic Relief is also a leader in the Inclusion Charter to include the disabled in service provisions and protection activities.

Imran Madden believes political will is the biggest challenge. Islamic Relief has worked in the most difficult and dangerous countries in the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria to save lives. He is concerned about the lack of respect for the principles of humanitarianism. They reached out to the people in the most need and lost several people in Syria working for the organization. Imran Madden spoke of the Sustainable Development Goals. He believes they have proven they can support healthcare provisions, the alleviation of poverty, environmental and energy sustainability and gender equality. He says this is necessary to attain both dignity and development for everyone.