Finding Art in Miami: The Design District

Once thought of as merely a hotspot for lavish lifestyles and beaches, the city of Miami, Florida is best known for its overall accessibility to beauty. Unbeknownst to the vast majority of people, Miami is more than a vacation destination. Anyone searching the area for collectable art pieces can be rest assured that Miami is home to many art galleries. In fact, there is at least one gallery in most districts. The best area to look as a buyer is in the Design District, where creativity and innovation coincide.

The Design District of Miami is a historic part of the city. Hollywood stars and famous private collectors alike, such as George Lindemann Jr., have been spotted in the Buena Vista neighborhood for decades. Natives believe in the etiquette of providing privacy to their famed, art-loving guests. So, BeyoncĂ©, among many personalities, are known to frequent this laid-back municipality of the Sunshine State. BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z have even enjoyed art fairs while visiting Miami, Florida. It has been estimated that the two acquired as much as 1.445 billion dollars worth of art by 2013, including a piece by David Hammons’, “Hail Mary”, worth 750,000 dollars.

Some Miami visitors aren’t content to just politely marvel at celebrities. In which case, there are auctions to buy professional works of art in the Design District. The Fine Arts Auction of Miami’s (FAAM) studio, located at 3841 NE 2nd Ave, allows those with an appreciation for the finer things a chance to efficiently buy artwork. This auction house upholds a goal to provide exceptional service through public sale of quality merchandise. People cherish the opportunity to buy from local artists, such as those from Wynwood, and those that are more renowned, such as Banksy.

Of among more than 10 significant auctions yearly, FAAM’s Street Art Week and Auction is particularly compelling. Street Art, a narrative of everyday life that contains insight for society, is displayed for one week in February. This synergetic Fine Arts Auction of Miami event justly attracts buyers and co-signers from near and far.

Connoisseurs are encouraged to look in Miami, Florida for prized artwork because there is undoubtedly something to offer. More than 31 galleries in the Design District alone are open to the public for viewing pleasure. Many of which, including the Fine Arts Studio of Miami, provide opportunities for collectors.