Dart Container Corporation Wins Its Suit against New York City

Dart Container Corporation Wins Its Suit against New York City

Dart Container Corporation recently won its claim against the New York foam ban. Dart is one of the largest producers of expanded polystyrene in the world, and the city of New York banned the use of the products because they could not be recycled. Dart took swift action in the case by offering concessions to the city, but a more direct approach was required. A win in this case changes the way Dart and New York City will work together on recycling initiatives.

#1: New York City Could Not Recycle Expanded Polystyrene

New York City has been trying to keep itself clean since Rudy Giuliani became mayor in the 90s, and their efforts to recycle as much trash as possible came to a halt over expanded polystyrene. The city did not believe that expanded polystyrene could be recycled properly, and a citywide ban on the product was instituted in 2013. Dart took action by offering to help the city to no avail.

#2: Dart Offers to Pay Startup Costs

Dart Container immediately offered to pay for the startup costs of a new recycling system that would filter out expanded polystyrene and plastics. The city would not have paid a dime for the service, and everyone would have won. The city did not accept Dart’s offer, and the ban still went into effect. Dart Container was forced to file suit to stop the ban.

#3: The Legal Fight

The Sanitation Commissioner of New York City determined that the city could not feasibly recycle these foam products, and several other companies joined Dart in the fight to lift the ban. A judge lifted the ban in 2015 after Dart provided the commissioner’s findings to be incorrect. Dart Container was able to keep itself afloat by simply calling attention to improper management of the sanitation system in the city.

#4: Dart Took the High Road

Dart Container still has its offer to pay for startup costs on the table. New York City has not yet accepted the offer, but Dart is willing to take the high road even after a long legal fight over the expanded polystyrene foam ban. Dart Container Corporation is committed to producing the highest quality products on the market today, but they are willing to invest money in the future of the planet. These recycling initiatives are a necessity in large cities, and Dart has put up real money to help solve the problem in large metropolitan areas.