Company Overview: Sallyport Global

Founded in 2003, Sallyport Global was created to help with restoration after the war in Iraq. Since then, Sallyport Global (LinkedIn page) has been dedicated to creating successful missions internationally.

Sallyport has successfully facilitated mission success for various large organizations. Depicted as a cost-effective solution for mission success, Sallyport seems to be prepared for nearly every situation. They have an impressive repertoire of services, including:

Operations and Maintenance
• They specialize specifically in installation maintenance, power generation and distribution, fuel storage distribution, water production, purification, fire alarm and suppression systems. They are also experts in waste water management, sanitation systems, elevator and hydraulic systems maintenance, airfield operations, communication, and IT services, just to name a few.

Life and Logistics Support
• Along with services in Operations and Maintenance, Sallyport also specializes in fire protection & emergency services, air crash and rescue, airfield services, and transportation services, and many others.

• Sallyport also offers construction services including expeditionary base development, permanent development & construction, restoration & Renovation, Housing & Office solutions, master planning & land use, horizontal development including, roads and sidewalks.

There are more than 2,700 employees that work for Sallyport, and they have over 100 global operating locations. Sallyport´s CEO & president is Victor Esposito, and the company is based in Reston, Virginia. Sallyport also welcomes and encourages veterans to apply to the company. Sallyport´s employees pride themselves on being down to earth, team-oriented go getters. They strive for excellence, while valuing important principles like encouraging diversity, maintaining ethical standards, and enforcing leadership skills.