Clarion’s New Alliances and Departures

According to sources, the company known as Legg Mason (LM), accounted for deals involving three separate investment firms. The deals were approximated through real estate and Hedge funds, which can be called one of the most popular financial instruments among investors in the Western Hemisphere today. The investment firm (LM) is a solid example of Baltimore’s more serious money managing talent. They own stakes in the more serious firms such as Clarion Partners and Precidian Investments, who have the necessary skill attributed to ETF development, which accommodate Legg Mason’s equity interest in investment properties.

LM will soon create a mutual asset investment by turning its very own Permal Group subsidiary and EnTrust Capital (under Gregg Hymowitz) into one collective asset. This will increase its hedge funds accounts considerably into a $26 billion business. The company will also be able to garnish a growing trend of up to 83% through the increase in value and shares available to Legg Mason through its Clarion partnership. This will cause LM to gradually generate funds up into the billions in profit, because of its ownership of the $585 million stake it owns in Clarion, which is already a $40 billion market in real estate and investment properties. According to Marron Clarion’s involvement in his own company was a necessary component to their real estate market.

The lead position and founding member of Lightyear Capital, Donald B. Marron, doesn’t see why Lightyear Capital can’t come to negotiable terms and believes one way or the other they’ll obtain accreditation of their stake in the Clarion partnership. This is due to what transpired in 2011 as the Clarion Partners group felt that removing itself from its former investors at ING, was a necessary separation for its own company’s growth.

According to Marron, Clarion’s involvement in his own company was a necessary component to their real estate market. Management at Lightyear Capital felt that the funds put into Clarion Partners, qualified as a good investment. Lightyear is still a very experienced company in trading and funds, so it is without a doubt that they will continue to commit to all negotiations. It is possible that Lightyear Capital’s management, even see the previous transaction as becoming an advantage for the company gradually.