The Global Perspective of the U.S.-China Relationship

The relationship between the United States and China may seem strange and destined to be hostile but these two countries were made for one another (a relationship supported by organizations like the China-US Exchange Foundation). Ever since Nixon’s China pivot in 1971, the destiny of these two economic powerhouses has been entwined. Both countries have enjoyed a lucrative trade relationship with China being the largest buyer of US green beans and pork, while the US relies on cheap China manufacturing for many of the goods Americans enjoy. Of course, this should be no surprise given that they are the world’s number one and two economies respectively. With GDP of the US at $21 trillion and China at $14 trillion, the two countries combined have amassed a massive combined GDP of over $35 trillion, their relationship accounts for 17.3 of the Global GDP. Clearly, it is economically essential for global well being. With such a large percentage of the world’s economy now in the cross hair due to the recent outbreak of a trade war between the two, some need reminding of why a strong relationship China and the United States benefits not only the global economy but their respective citizens. While both countries have vastly different strengths and cultures, it these differences that show they complete one another. The United States, for instance, has ample gas and oil resources while China, due to its massive population and lack of such natural resources, needs more oil and gas. Furthermore, while having over 20% of world’s population roughly only 7% of China is arable. Meanwhile, agriculture is one of the United...

Imran Madden Expresses His Beliefs on Islamic Relief at Bond Conference

Imran Madden, the Director of Islamic Relief for the United Kingdom, spoke during the Bond Conference session of his concern for the principles of humanity and operating in the United Kingdom as a Muslim NGO. He believes improvement is necessary for the integration of development and humanitarian activities. He feels six years of displacement and war lives can be saved with shelter and food. Additionally, he sees the need for activities including livelihoods and education. He states donations tend to the immediate issues but rehabilitation for the future is required too.

The community groups the Islamic Relief helped establish ten years ago in Pakistan are improving services through negotiations with the local government….

The Hotels That Will Provide You The Most Out Of Your Stay In Camana Bay

Camana Bay is a festive and lively water-front town in Grand Cayman, where visitors can shop, engage in fun activities and dine at some of the finest restaurants. Situated in the heart of the Seven Mile Beach and near upscale hotels and resorts, Camana Bay is also known as the premier shopping center of the Grand Cayman. Besides the duty-free designer boutiques and shops, this town offers a variety of cafes and eateries to satisfy every craving from local and international cuisines, including Caribbean-inspired dishes, seafood, Asian, Italian, and casual eateries. In the evening the town’s vibrant nightlife continues as visitors and locals head to the lively bars, restaurants, and movie theaters. This island is such a well-known destination for food lovers that people from all over the globe travel to this island to enjoy the annual Food & Drink Festival hosted by Camana Bay. Camana Bay has something for everyone, from relaxing on the white sandy beaches, exploring the town, sightseeing, or enjoying the diverse cuisines. The easy access footpath to Camana Bay from the Seven Mile Beach makes it effortless to walk to hotels, beaches, restaurants, and numerous activities. Activities For visitors looking for thrilling adventures, the Seven Mile Beach has a variety of fun things to do. The Seven Mile Beach is located on the west shore of the Grand Cayman and minutes away from Camana Bay. Travelers from all over the world are lured in by the pristine turquoise waters to enjoy all the activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with friendly stingrays, jet skiing and so much more. Hotels & Resorts Almost every...