U.S. and China Relations: A look at the Future

The Republic of China and the United States are the greatest countries in the world according to CUSEF. They have the most patriotic citizens. In the near future, the two nations are expected to be very great cooperative partners. Arguing from China’s side, the Asian giant is on a path and their only wish is to overtake the United States so that they can be global leaders. There are other elements in China, whose aim is to develop a robust nation that has several regional leadership responsibilities. Other elements are yearning for the country to maintain a peaceful cooperative focus. Viewing the whole narrative from the United States side, there are elements who wish to engage China. They want to see the Asian economic giant become a partner of the world stage. Another group is interested to see China take up a global responsibility but in moderation. However, there is also another section of the United States that want the Republic of China to be permanently contained. With all these wrangles, there isn’t a clear picture of what the future holds for the two economic giants. A lot of stuff relies on the social, economic and military advancements in each of the nations. Also, the development of Asia as a whole is a great determinant. With President Xi Jinping in power, the Republic of China is aggressive and possess more confidence in the way they approach things. A good example is how Beijing flexed their muscles to show power in the South China Sea. Additionally, China is making vast steps in a show of their great confidence. Apart from...

Top 5 Organizations Working to Strengthen U.S.-China Relations

When it comes to the United States and China, the world is better off when the two countries are working together. There are always going to be stresses and strains between two cultures that are so different. That’s why there are some organizations out there that are working towards one goal. That goal is making sure that the relationship between the United States and China only gets better. They want to make sure that it only gets stronger. There are some organizations working towards this goal, but there are some that are having more success than others. Check out the organizations that are at the top of the list when talking about making those bonds between the two countries that much better. The American Councils The American Councils and CUSEF understand that there is a real need for people to get educated in a culture to have a friendly relationship with it. This is why the organization will allow people to study abroad in China to see what the culture holds. Then they can bring it back to the US. One World Now This is a program focusing explicitly on High school students in Seattle, Washington. The organization also believes education is the key, so it sends underserved students to China on their kind of study abroad programs. The Thurgood Marshall Fund This is an organization that focuses on making sure that predominately black colleges can compete in the global market. The organization allows for students at these schools to travel abroad and learn Mandarin. If you see a bit of a pattern when it comes to the best...

Virginia Business Honors Legal Elite from 2017

Adam Casagrande of ADS Inc has been named one of Virginia Business’ most powerful attorneys in 2017. He is one of 34 lawyers to have been recognized as part of the Corporate Counsel category. As a valuable member of the ADS team, Adam is a problem solver renowned for his skills in solving. Having graduated James Madison University as a history undergrad, he later earned his law degree from the College of William and Mary. Virginia Business has worked together with the Virginian Bar Association in order to publish the yearly Legal Elite list in 2017. 1400 attorneys nominated 4,000 of their peers, in 18 categories of law, which resulted in only a quarter of those being picked at all. Casagrande works for ADS, Inc., a company ahead of its game as a well-valued logistics and supply chain producer. This provider serves all branches of the U.S. military, federal, state, as well as local organizations along with law enforcement agencies, first responders, nations we are partnered with including the defense industry. ADS is also a nationally recognized Great Place to Work, providing an excellent work environment for military veterans and helping support many military causes. ADS, Inc.’s customer service especially sets it apart from their competition since ADS Inc. believes in being the needed change in the...

C-III Under New Management

Since July 7th 2017, the new president of C-III Asset Management has been Barry Davis. Davis joined C-III in 2010 after the addition of Centerline’s servicing business. Davis took the position as chief operating officer position in 2011. Davis along with Lindsey Wright and Jenna Unell make up the new face of C-III’s executive management team. Wright has joined the management team as senior managing director and Unell has joined as general counsel. The firm is run under the leadership of Andrew Farkas, who serves as Chairman and CEO.

Clarion’s New Alliances and Departures

LM will soon create a mutual asset investment by turning its very own Permal Group subsidiary and EnTrust Capital (under Gregg Hymowitz) into one collective asset. This will increase its hedge funds accounts considerably into a $26 billion business. The company will also be able to garnish a growing trend of up to 83% through the increase in value and shares available to Legg Mason through its Clarion partnership. This will cause LM to gradually generate funds up into the billions in profit, because of its ownership of the $585 million stake it owns in Clarion, which is already a $40 billion market in real estate and investment properties. According to Marron Clarion’s involvement in his own company was a necessary component to their real estate market.