Resources for companies looking to hire people with disabilities

Resources for companies looking to hire people with disabilities

SourceAmerica has helped connect the disabled and businesses together in the following employment areas: administrative services, aircraft industry, electrical equipment/supplies, textile, equipment industry, IT services, food processing/services, packaging/distribution, laundry, medical, dental, office supplies, supply chain/warehouse services, facilities management and more.

Goldman’s Energy Rich Riverside Dealings

With both Riverstone and Goldman Sachs based in New York, the deal is said to reunite the old Goldman energy team with Riverstone’s founders. Before they founded Riverstone, David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre Jr. were advising energy investment deals for the New York based investment company.

How to Generate Passive Income from Real Estate During Retirement

When it comes to retirement, it’s important for people to generate as much income as possible to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Along with Social Security and pension plans, many seniors are turning to real estate investing as a way to generate additional income. Rather than rely on stocks and bonds in an increasingly volatile financial market to build a nest egg, smart investors have turned to purchasing rental properties in an effort to gain passive income. However, before jumping into this venture, there are many factors to take into consideration. “Building a rental property portfolio takes time, patience and education,” according to Than Merrill, a San Diego based real estate investor and educator…

Taking Retail Shopping into the Digital Age

Commercial real estate companies, like the Westfield, Corporation, are starting accelerators to help tap into retail digital trends. Westfield Labs, a subsidiary of the retail mall giant is innovating in various ways via their recently created Accelerator Connected Commerce. Peter Lowy, the co-CEO of Westfield stated, “We actually look at it as an opportunity. Every threat is an opportunity at the same time, and we are committed to creating a digital platform for our customers to be able to access both our assets and our retailers for their mobile devices.”