CAPCO: Putting Texans to Work

CAPCO is a Texas Certified Capital Company program that was created in 2005 during one of the most challenging times in the American economy to help people find jobs. This program brings forth the development of the infrastructure needed to fund local companies as well. The legislative bill is founded upon the basic understanding that small businesses create jobs. In fact, small businesses have created 60-80% of the jobs in America on average, according to the US Small Business Administration. Because of this program, the companies that create jobs in the Texas region will be given benefits and incentives in exchange for bringing jobs to the community.

Since 2005 when this program was enacted, companies have created over 1,700 jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in these companies as a result. The program is expected to bring more jobs to Texas over the years, because it is now attracting investors.

CAPCO’s core values prove why this entity is so successful. Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, and Knowledge are what defines CAPCO. Working with entrepreneurs who align with these values has proven to be the backbone of the success here. The standards are set for people to perform at their own speed and be rewarded openly for their successes.

CAPCO programs have created a competitive advantage by leveraging the hard work of the entrepreneurs who are a part of CAPCO. Emerging companies can become a part of CAPCO and gain the benefits by just hiring people in the local area. There is an example of a company called Sweet Tea Leaf that chose to work with CAPCO. This company received $15 million investment to work with Nestle. This allowed for the company to increase in production size within the next 2 years as a result.