C-III Under New Management

Kevin Donahue joined C-III in November 2012 and quickly climbed up the ladder of the special servicing division. Sources shared an e-mail from Donahue and the firm announced that he decided to leave his roles as both president of C-III Asset Management and senior managing director of C-III Capital Partners. According to the release, Donahue contrived the “personal decision to transition into an advisory role and spend more time with his family.” Donahue has not yet been reached for further comments, but his e-mail laid out his intentions to take this time to refresh while remaining in the business in some form.
Since July 7th 2017, the new president of C-III Asset Management has been Barry Davis. Davis joined C-III in 2010 after the addition of Centerline’s servicing business. Davis took the position as chief operating officer position in 2011. Davis along with Lindsey Wright and Jenna Unell make up the new face of C-III’s executive management team. Wright has joined the management team as senior managing director and Unell has joined as general counsel. The firm is run under the leadership of Andrew Farkas, who serves as Chairman and CEO.
To the press, Frank Garrison, president of C-III Capital Partners, had only great things to say about the growth that came as a result of Donahue’s work. Donauhue joined the C-III firm at a particularly active time, but managed to make the necessary changes that lead them to new heights. Garrison is confident in the work Donahue will provide as he continues his work in another position. He is equally confident in the experience that Davis has gained over the years and convinced that Davis will put in the work needed to create the same upward trend that C-III saw under the management of Donahue. Garrison feels thankful that they had someone as accomplished on their team, readily available to fill in as needed.